An ensemble-based semi-supervised feature ranking for multi-target regression problems

BaşlıkAn ensemble-based semi-supervised feature ranking for multi-target regression problems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAdıyeke, E., and M. Gokce Baydogan
JournalPattern Recognition Letters
Anahtar kelimelerFeature ranking, Multi-target regression, Semi-supervised learning

This study focuses on semi-supervised feature ranking (FR) applications for multi-target regression problems (MTR). As MTRs require prediction of several targets, we use a learning model that includes target interrelations via multi-objective trees. In processing the features for a semi-supervised learning model, transformation or scaling operations are usually required. To resolve this issue, we create a dissimilarity matrix via totally randomized trees to process the unsupervised information. Besides, we treat the split score function as a vector to make it suitable for considering each criterion regardless of their scales. We propose a semi-supervised FR scheme embedded to multi-objective trees that takes into account target and feature contributions simultaneously. Proposed FR score is compared with the state-of-the-art multi-target FR strategies via statistical analyses. Experimental studies show that proposed score significantly improves the performance of a recent tree-based and competitive multi-target learning model, i.e. predictive clustering trees. In addition, proposed approach outperforms its benchmarks when the available labelled data increase.