A new feature-based time series classification method by using scale-space extrema

TitleA new feature-based time series classification method by using scale-space extrema
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAltay, T., and M. Gokce Baydogan
JournalEngineering Science and Technology, an International Journal
KeywordsBag-of-Features Technique, Feature-based Classification, Scale-Space Theory, SiZer, time series classification

Time series data mining has received significant attention over the past decade, and many approaches have focused on classification tasks where the goal is to define the label of a test time series, given labeled training data. Time series classification approaches can be broadly grouped into two categories as instance-based and feature-based methods. Instance-based approaches utilize similarity information in a nearest-neighbor setting to classify time series data. Although approaches from this category provide accurate results, their performance degrades with long and noisy time series. On the other hand, feature-based approaches extract features to deal with the limitations of instance-based approaches; however, these approaches work with predefined features and may not be successful in certain classification problems. This study proposes a time series classification approach that benefits from both scale-space theory and bag-of-features technique. The method starts with finding the scale-space extrema points (i.e. key points) of each time series according to the SiZer (SIgnificant ZERo crossings of the derivatives) method, and then proceeds to create the local features set around these points. After extraction of the local features from each key point, a bag-of-features representation for each time series is constructed as the summary of the key point characteristics. We evaluate the success of the proposed representation on time series classification problems from various domains. Our experimental results show that our proposal provides competitive results compared to widely used approaches in the literature.