Ali Tamer Ünal

B.S. in IE, Boğaziçi University, 1986;
M.S. in IE, Boğaziçi University, 1988;
Ph.D. in ISyE, University of S. California, 1992.
Research Interests: 
Production planning and scheduling, Combinatorial optimization, Algorithm analysis, Object oriented software design

Recent publications

  1. A strong integer programming formulation for hybrid flowshop scheduling, Ünal, Ali Tamer, Ağralı Semra, and Taşkın Z C. , Journal of the Operational Research Society, Volume 71, p.2042-2052, (2020)
  2. Periodic Due Date Assignment with Family Setups, Sertdemir, Sevilay, Ünal Ali Tamer, and DÜZGİT ZEHRA , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING-THEORY APPLICATIONS AND PRACTICE, Volume 26, p.0–0, (2019)
  3. Rescheduling on a single machine with part type dependent setup times and deadlines, Ünal, Ali Tamer, Uzsoy Reha, and Kiran Ali , Annals of Operations Research, Jan, Volume 70, p.93–113, (1997)