İ. Kuban Altınel

B.S. in IE, Istanbul Technical University, 1982;
M.S. in IE  OR, Columbia University, 1985;
M.S. in IE, University of Pittsburgh, 1989;
Ph.D. in IE, University of Pittsburgh, 1990.
Research Interests: 
Linear and combinatorial optimization, Graphs and network flows, Mathematical programming applications in statistics and machine learning, Wireless sensor networks, Social Networks

Recent publications

  1. Influence maximization with deactivation in social networks, Tanınmış, Kübra, Aras Necati, and I. Altinel Kuban , European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 278, p.105-119, (2019)
  2. Assignment problem with conflicts, Öncan, Temel, Şuvak Zeynep, M. Akyüz Hakan, and I. Altinel Kuban , Computers & Operations Research, Volume 111, p.214-229, (2019)